Erste Bank und Sparkasse

Free ISIC at Erste Bank and Sparkasse

Erste Bank and Sparkasse 

Get now the free ISIC-student identity card at your Erste Bank and Sparkasse! Get the first BankCard with an integrated photo and the international ISIC- student identity card.

The BankCard StudentID allows you:

- the worldwide use of all ATM's (Automatic Teller Machines)

- the integrated functions and photo serve for an identification card and a full-fledged International Student Identity Card - ISIC

- allowes the legitimination as a student at home and abroad

- the use of all student tariffs in one country and more than 38.000 special ISIC-benefits for ISIC- or BankCard StudentID holders

Exclusive at Erste Bank and Sparkasse for free in addition to the free student account!

More information about the account you can find on or



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