Free 1-year-premium membership at FindPenguins

Your number 1 travel app - record your travels effortlessly!

The full package for your one year travel tracker! Automatically track and register your travels, be it a world tour, summer vacation or city trip.

Get the number 1 app for travellogs and create trips alone or with your friends. Prepare posts offline and upload them when there is an internet connection. Share your experiences with friends and family or keep everything private. You can also choose to activate the travel tracker, with which your smartphone will log your travel route automatically without straining the battery.

Create your personal travel profile with amazing maps, photographs, videos and anything else you might need and print a beautiful book in the end, crafted by us!

This is how it works:

After registering xour 12-digit-ISIC number we will send you your personal voucher code via email. The voucher is redeemable until 31.12.2019 and activates your one year premium membership.

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