Kunst Haus Wien: 40 % off entrance fee

Experience Hundertwasser and save with ISIC at the cashiers.

Experience Hundertwasser up close: Art – Achitecture – Nature – Vision

Visitors at Kunst Haus Wien can expect two intriguing experiences: Firstly, the Museum Hundertwasser presents the world’s biggest collection of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Austria’s exceptional artist famous for his paintings, fine art prints, tapestries and architectural designs. You can immerse yourself in his imaginative world of art, inside and outside the museum. Colorful walls and uneven floors in the interior, the artistic façade with tiles and color fields on the outside. “Tree tenants” grow from the windows, plants and flowers inhabit the rooftop and inner courtyard. Secondly, Kunst Haus Wien is Vienna’s first address for photography-exhibitions.

ISIC card holders only pay 5 Euro instead of 12 Euro  for the combination ticket. The combination ticket is valid for the Museum Hundertwasser as well as the temporary exhibition.

To get the discount just show your ISIC at the cashiers. For information on exhibitions, upcoming events and opening hours check out the Kunst Haus Wien website.

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