Mind X:

Excape the reality with MindX Room Escape Games

The games could not be more diverse and contain stories, riddles, codes and lots of different interactive elements. The goal of the game is to escape the room in time. To manage this you and your friends/colleagues will have to solve riddles, find hidden props and hack codes.
Creative thinking and thinking outside the box is very important to get out of the room in time. Most Room Escape Games are played in groups of 2 - 7 people and set the time limit to 60 minutes.
We created our rooms with high quality materials and high-tech props. Our games are challenging, thrilling and constantly supply you with new quests.

With ISIC, ITIC oder IYTC the 4th or 5th player of your group plays for free. 

Reserve a room and enter your voucher code directly on the homepage mind-x.com


Voucher code for groups of four: 3+1 voucher code

Voucher code for groups of five: 4+1 voucher code


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