ISIC Austria


International Student Identity Card

ISIC DE APP 290x184

The ISIC card is the biggest internationally-recognised student ID. It is your passport to fantastic discounts and services at home and around the world. The ISIC costs 15 € and is vaild for one year after issuance.

Debitcard "BankCard StudentID"

Debitkarte BankCard Student ID

Pay on the internet with the new BankCard! On top it's a worldwide valid ISIC student ID! Open your student account for free now - online or in one of the Erste Bank and Sparkasse branches.

International Teacher Identity Card

ITIC DE APP 290x184

The International Teacher/ Professor Identity Card - ITIC - is the international proof of full-time teachers/ professors status. The ITIC is valid for one year after issuance and costs 15,00€.

International Youth Travel Card

IYTC DE APP 290x184

Everybody who is under the age of 31 can purchase the International Youth Travel Card - IYTC.
The IYTC is vaild for one year after issuance and is available for 15,00€.

ISIC in the course of time

ISIC 1953 2019

Take a journey back in time and follow ISIC to its genesis, its design changes and milestones.