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International Teacher Identity Card

The International Teacher/ Professor Identity Card - ITIC - is the international proof of full-time teachers/ professors status. The ITIC is valid for one year after issuance and costs 15,00€.

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The International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC) is the essential discount card designed for full-time teachers and professors. Since its introduction in 1984, the ITIC has grown to become the most widely accepted proof of teaching status worldwide. Save at home and abroad on travel, accommodation, food and drink, entertainment, admissions to museums and cultural attractions, retail purchases and more. 

To obtain an ITIC you need to provide:

  • Proof of full-time teaching status. Full-time means: at least 18 hours per week and for a period of 12 months

Application by E-Mail:

  • Proof of identity bearing a photo (e.g. drivers license, customer card for public transport, student identity card, health insurance card, personal blood-donor card) 
  • Please note: You are not allowed to send a scan of your passport/ ID card via E-Mail in terms of data protection law.
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Application by Mail:

  • Copy of your passport/ ID Card
  • Color photo (head shot)
  • 15,00€ (plus postage: 1,50€ in Germany, 2,50€ postage in Europe, 3,50€ outside Europe)

Please send your application to the following address:

rds Reisedienst GmbH
Grindelallee 41
20146 Hamburg