ISIC Austria

International Youth Travel Card

Everybody who is under the age of 31 can purchase the International Youth Travel Card - IYTC.
The IYTC is vaild for one year after issuance and is available for 15,00€.

IYTC DE APP 290x185

To obtain an IYTC you need to provide:

Application by E-Mail:

  • Proof of identity bearing a photo (e.g. drivers license, customer card for public transport, student identity card, health insurance card, personal blood-donor card) 
  • Please note: You are not allowed to send a scan of your passport/ ID card via E-Mail in terms of data protection law.
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Application by Mail:

  • Copy of your passport/ ID Card
  • Color photo (head shot)
  • 15,00€ (plus postage: 1,50€ in Germany, 2,50€ in Europe, 3,50€ outside Europe)

Please send your application to the following address:

rds Reisedienst GmbH
Grindelallee 41
20146 Hamburg