Is there an age limit for the ISIC?
No! Students at a mimimum age of 12 year can get the ISIC.
Can I renew my card?
In some cases it is possible to renew your card. Please contact the issuing office where you purchased the card for further details.
Which documents do I need for the ISIC application?
Only full-time students are entitled to ISIC. You have to prove that you are a full-time student with one of the following documents:

- Copy of the local student card proving that you are a full-time student
- A dated and signed letter from your university / school, proving that you are full-time student. If possible an original, but otherwise a copy is also accepted.

You also need the following documents:

- proof of your birthday
- a passport photograph
I lost my card, what should I do?
Generally, ISIC cards are non-refundable and non-transferable so you will need to purchase 10 € (+ 1,50 € for shipping) for a new card. Please notice that only cards, that had been purchased in Germany in the first place, can be replaced.
Who is entitled to an ISIC / ITIC / IYTC?
Authorization overview:

ISIC: Students and pupils aged 12 and older
ITIC: Proof of full-time teaching status
IYTC: Proof of identity bearing a photo
How much costs the ISIC/ IYTC /ITIC?
Cost overview:

ISIC: EUR 15, max. 12 months valid for full-time students

IYTC: EUR 15, 12 months valid for persons under 31

ITIC: EUR 15, 12 months valid for full-time teachers
What is a full-time student?
All students who are enrolled in a school (16 hours a week) for at least 6 months are full-time students.
Where can I purchase the ISIC?
You can purchase your card online or in one of our many issuing offices worldwide.
Search for your local issuing office online. Please remember to take along all the necessary documents needed for your card to prove your student status and identity, as well as a recent passport photograph of yourself